Preorder | Promotional REQ

I redeem my promotional REQ (for preorder in Amazon), the code is redeemed but in the game my REQ does not appear. What can i do?, I contacted with xbox support but they send me here.

Just posted this in another thread:

> Seems to be a widespread issue with REQ Packs, Preorder bonuses— essentially all Halo 5 DLC. I too redeemed a Warzone REQ Pack and there is zero indication that I own it anywhere. I understand it’s released 2 per week, but shouldn’t I have gotten my initial 2 packs now? Preorder bonus is also nowhere to be seen.Talked to numerous Xbox Live support agents and no one seems to know what’s going on. I just get the run-around with various trouble-shooting techniques that of course, don’t work, and then I actually get sent to these Support forums. Looks like we’ll have to ride this out until 343 sorts it out.

Xbox Support is clueless and dumping us here. Word from 343 would be nice.