preorder bonuses: BR Arctic skin and oceanic

Will these preorder bonuses eventually be unlocked in the game or are they only obtained by preordering??

i may have to preorder 2 copies of halo 4 at different stores so i can get both preorder bonuses and then take 1 copy back for a refund so i end up getting the preorder bonuses i want. is there any issue doing that??

I would guess you can only get them from pre-ordering (since they are pre-order bonuses after all), but I guess it’s possible you can unlock them in the game and just get them early by pre-ordering, but I doubt it. There’s no official word about it yet, but in most games, you can’t actually get them without a pre-order. (I guess that’s basically a more complicated way to say that we don’t really know yet.)

You do not get the Armour for Pre-ordering the game, only the skin (the white pattern on the armour).