Premium REQ Pack Question

Can anyone confirm if Premium REQ Packs stack? I’d like to know if I will keep this week’s two cards for the following week (giving me a total of 4).

I believe they do.

No reason why they wouldn’t

They do. I have like 8 right now.

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> They do. I have like 8 right now.

But have you been logging in every week? I don’t think I’ve logged in a couple weeks. If my friends ever do decide they want to give halo another chance (probably after forge comes out and some CE map remakes become available to play on dedicated servers), I’d like to open all of them at once. Not even sure why I want to, but I did pay for it…

Mine carried over bud

I appreciate the help, Spartans. Thank you!

I think so I always open mine the first day I get them.