Premium Pass Bundle (Question)

Just finished Season 2’s Battle Pass.

If I ugrade by buying the bundle with the XP grants, will I be able to stack those at the beginning of Season 3 and just obliterate 50 tiers on day 1? Or are those per season usage like the challenge slot and ability to switch your season?

I just don’t want to buy the bundle, not use them since I’m finished the Season 2 pass, and then just have them disappear at the end of Season 2.

I imagibe you’d keep them. I’d got a couple through one of the events in S1 but had already beat the BP so held ontobthen until S2 started.

I have to be honest though - why spend the money?

To support Halo.

All of the 343 nonsense aside, I don’t wanna see Halo crash and burn.

I refuse to buy cosmetics and stuff from the shop at the current pricing, but the battle pass pricing isn’t unreasonable and if those XP grants stack then it’s worth it based on that alone imo.

The tier unlocks are just an added bonus. I personally have no use for the other perks like season switching, because I complete the seasons in more than enough time :joy:, and the 4th challenge slot since all I play is ranked, until we have proper BR start social playlists and not the current set up.

The day BR start socials drop, I’m gone from ranked :yawning_face:

I’m not saying not to sepnd money on Halo as much as I’m saying why spend it on boosts when there are still 120+ days until S3?

You’ve explained your reasoning, of course.

I’m not sure why you would buy boosts when they’re unlocked through free tiers of the Battle Pass.

Sorry, I meant grants.

(I’ve got something like 40 2XP boosts as it is, so I hear you there.)

I’m asking why buy the grants when you can unlock everything easily without them?

XP grants don’t stack like skips do in Call of Duty. If you use them when you’re level 100 it’s a waste.

I wouldn’t use them at level 100. I would just not use them, wait till Season 3, and then use them. IF they carry over to Season 3. Cause then Day 1 of Season 3 I would have 50 grants. Instead of the 25 that come with Season 3’s pass bundle.