Pregame lobby and scoreboard to see the players

I cant be the only one who prefers to see the players in the pregame lobby, or pressing the back or select button to summon the scoreboard to see the players before the match begins.


Its not there because the game was rushed. Its nkt a design choice but a necessity of poor management. Lilely due to interference from on high to push trend chasing and feature bloat.
Wrong priorities.


Very good point. Thank you.

I believe it’s also not there to discourage leaving a match before it loads up if you recognize names, or see players ranks in the pre lobby. This way players don’t just leave the queue when they see that their teams at the disadvantage (even though winning in those odds is what grants the highest payout)


Another good point. Thats why i want to see who I’m teamed up with, whether the bad players or the good ones just to have an idea how the match might go. I dont quit the matches because i dont want to get banned, but yes you make a good point that other players will quit once they see the players