Prefrence in REQ packs

Like if we would ike armour or weapons and what not

The point is for them to be random though

At first I thought it would be hard to unlock stuff but essentially you are getting rewarded for playing. I understand that any system to unlock anything in FPS games reward you but it’s nice to get certain unlocks that others don’t have rather than rewarding me by rank and then everyone having the same armor because we all unlocked it at level 20. I can see how this can get frustrating if you want to unlock a certain item but honestly it’s a roll of the dice so just accept it for what it is. I usually get the gold packs to get the two permanents and then the rare reqs. A lot of people prefer getting the silver because it still guarantees two unlocks for half of the points spent. Nonetheless I don’t want my halo game to feel like COD.

^people who have got lucky.