Preferred Input Device in Casual

While this is probably a good feature for competative matchmaking, does it really have to be enforced in casual matchmaking? I can understand Comp/Ranked since its best to have everyone on an even playing field, but casual? Especially since we can play matches online against other players on mixed input devices if we so wish, which makes the input lock a bit stupid in my opinion
Ive always preffered driving vehicles with kb+m since mmc came out on PC and playing the rest of the game with controller so its a bit of an annoying feature imo, though admittedly i don’t play too much matchmaking and intsead stick to campaign or matchmade firefight. which funnily enough you can mix inputs in

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Playing Halo on KB+M is kind of easier especially in PvM modes imo. I’ve played a lot of FPS games on KB+M so that kind of movement/reflex/skill is already there, however it took some getting used to when I realized just how much aim assist affected my aim with things like the DMR and BR on console. I honestly haven’t played MCC with controller on PC yet, although when it comes to competitive and casual I’m not sure if there should be a single forced input. If there were there may as well be no PC/console cross-play.

I think the input lock is only to prevent people from switching inputs in the middle of a match, say you pick up something like a sniper after having fought for it on a controller and you want to switch to KB+M mid game so you can land every single shot without a sweat, imo that’s kind of unfair. I’ve seen a lot of people using controllers though, not a lot on KB+M, I guess I’m one of the few.