Preferred Halo Wars 2 Gaming Platform

Is anyone else glad that Halo Wars 2 is also playable on PC? Being an RTS game like the Age of Empires series and Commandos series (Huge fan of both by the way), Halo Wars 2 might allow more fluid gameplay with a keyboard and mouse. Will you play Halo Wars 2 on the console or on the Windows 10 PC.

I’ll stick with console, as that was the entire premise behind Halo Wars. Being a console RTS.

That being said, I will probably try it out on PC as well.

Console all the way. Not sure if I’m getting digital or physical yet, so might not get a chance to play on PC.

I will be playing on both, when I travel I can still play Halo Wars 2 on my laptop. I might get a controller for my laptop so I won’t need to learn the controls.

staying on console but its great its on PC

Console for me