Prefered Faction?

What made you choose your faction? And did you stick with it, or did you prefer others?. And why?

I prefer the Banished as of right now mostly because i played Cutter a lot in HW1. He seems pretty cool and i like his capabilities. Hunters and bashees are always fun.

Played UNSC always in halo wars 1 and 2. Won’t play the Covenant Scum. In halo wars one I played Prof anders because of half off and half time upgrades. If she has the same skills in halo wars 2 I will always play as her.

I play as cutter bc of the story, and the close air support ability is so powerful

ODSTs in the tubes. ODSTs away. Plus tanks are fun.

The Covenant mostly because the UNSC is pretty much a worse version of GDI and I can’t get over the comparisons of the two factions.