Prefabs do not stay together when turned 180 degrees!

OK I got 5 wall type ammo boxes with weapons. I made a prefab with these 5 Ammo Boxes.

The problem when I want to use my new 5 weapon boxes prefab and I need to turn my Ammo boxes prefab they do not stay together when I want to turn my prefab 180 degrees. I end up having to “UNGROUP” my prefab.

Is this a bug or what?


What does that do when you ungroup it. I didn’t know u could do that.

But yes I have problems with prefabs too. I figured I could throw down a bunch of prefabs down to use on my map, and found out that my game crashed I guess cuz of too many prefabs? Idk but I almost want to look at each prefab, and recreate it myself, also so I can make each piece dynamic/normal so it all is effected by the battle.

It is a hassle man. I just recently had all my prefab bookmarks unlocked somehow, because none of them were showing for weeks. I thought I broke my account or something. And I submitted a ticket on waypoint. Idk forge isn’t perfect yet. I’m sure everyone else is having issues too

It is no longer a prefab if you ungroup you prefab so you can change colors textures move objects but not a prefab. Highlight your prefab then hit “E” for the circle and you will see “Ungroup” top of circle.

Hope that helps bud! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Yeah sometimes you need to spawn it a couple of times. They can be fussy.

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Don’t know if we’re thinking of the same kind of “turning”, but I had the same problem when testing out animation scripts. I made a 3x3 tile platform that I made into a prefab, but when I made a rotational animation for the selected prefab, only the center piece rotated while the rest stood still.

The was also an issue where the colors of some of the objects got reset when playtesting. There are definitely some bugs there still (It’s a beta after all).

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I would like to test this; how do you make a prefab?

select 2 or more objects using right bumper on xbox controller (or just click if using mouse and keyboard). you will see 1/150, 2/150. 3/150 etc… for how many items you currently have selected.

with 2 or more items selected, hold down x on the controller to bring up the radial menu. aim the joystick to “create prefab” which is at the top of the radial menu.

also i have noticed that sometimes prefab objects do not rotate and move properly; sometimes they get misplaced and mispositioned.

One thing that i did find helpful when moving prefabs with a large number of meticulously placed pieces in repeating order, move the prefab slowly, and it will minimize and sometimes prevent altogether prefabs breaking up in forge.

like, for example, if you drop in a really complex prefab, it might not be exactly where you need it to be in forge. and if you try to move it a little bit here and there, many of the constituent pieces become mispositioned.

I found that if i moved the overall prefab in one direction at a time it prevents this from happening. how do i explain this? like you hold down left trigger for move prefab, and i only move it on the x axis. and then i wait a second while still holding down left trigger. then i release left trigger and just let the prefab sit and calculate its new position. then i hold left trigger again and move it only on the y axis. and leave it to sit for a second before making any adjustments.

this is what I’ve discovered so far while working with large prefabs.

Also dynamic objects seem to dislike very accurate and reliable placement in forge. dynamic prefabs with many parts seem to deform more easily that static prefabs made of entirely static objects.

I agree 100% Buddy! :love_you_gesture:

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Turning = Rotate! Cya Bud! :love_you_gesture:


I think this is the same issue forgers making Zanzibar or Ascension remakes can’t get the wheel to spin properly

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Only specifics I can add are:
I have found if I place my prefab, rotate it how I need it (without letting go), move it to where I want it (without letting go), and then hold it in the exact position I want to place it…for like 5 seconds…and THEN let go…it places correctly without misaligning. This is especially important for prefabs with A LOT of pieces.
I think it has to do with the fact that the game engine is having to calculate the position of several objects, at once, as they are moved in 3 dimensions to a new location… AND that WE (the forger) can move items faster than the XBOX can recalculate their position…
So you gotta HOLD IT in position for a few seconds before letting go…to let the computer “Catch Up” with the math.


I don’t know what you’re trying to say here, but I was refering to the fact that I wasn’t sure if you were talking about rotating the prefab with the basic forge tools or if you meant rotating with a scripted animation.

Yes I was talking rotating my 5 wall type prefab ammo boxes. Maybe I should me a video next time :rofl: