Prefab Photo Shoot

Good Evening Spartans,
I had been creating Prefabs for Forgers in HALO 5: GUARDIANS to put on their maps with an emphasis on the sheer number of troops that could be transported. With this, I will need at least 10 or more Spartans to participate. Those who want to work on land rather than air vehicles and vice versa will be split into two parties. If you’d like to work on land vehicles, say so in your message, and vice versa for air vehicles. If you would like to do both, simply say so and you will be added to the list of Spartans for both parties. I will also need a picture of your armor set either as your profile picture or posted in your request so that I know what I’d be looking at.

Once when everyone is set for the air or land shoot, a date and time will need to be set that is convenient for all players in the fireteam. The game mode will be a modified Free-for-all Slayer, Infection, or BTB. As for the Map, it will also be custom made for this project. It is unfinished at the current moment, but it will be done before the shoot. After all that, and the time comes, the shoot will begin. All that needs to be done during the shoot is to use the Prefabs and HAVE FUN. After we think we have all the pictures we need, we’ll all get together and have a group picture to credit everyone for giving their time and efforts for this project.

I hope to hear from you guys and I look forward to working with those who want to help.





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