Predictions on the end of the Halo Universe

I have recently been reading some posts on how would Cortana will end up (This was before release by the way) And I thought to myself, how would this great trilogy of the best FPS games out there end? So I have come up with a prediction:

Prediction 1: MC will rediscover the cure to the flood and humanity combine forces with the entire Covenant and all remaining Forerunners to defeat the armada which had found a portal to their galaxy to The Milky Way. In the end MC flies through the portal and finds the whole galaxy to be all sickly and destroyed (due to the floods control) and fly into the Master Gravemind into its core to find its leader to be a human. SPOILERS As said by the Librarian how humanity was “running” she didn’t say how far. It turns out humanity’s origins was from another galaxy and the flood was a “mutated evolution” In the end MC destorys the flood from the core but he gets badly hurt during the event and in the last few seconds of his life Cheif sees his companions, Kelly, Sam, Fred, just like how Kurt dies in “Ghosts of Onyx” All sad ect but right at the end, in the legendary ending, you see Cheifs full face, all torn up ect, and he stands up, looks outside, to find 100 Halo rings… (This could mean that humanity could of came up with the Halo arrays before the Forerunners, make up your own mind how that happened)

Prediction 2: Same thing as prediction 1 but MC has to give up his human form, for a somewhat ethernal life form and MC becomes the guardian of the galaxy.

Tell me what you think.

When I said armada, I was refering to the flood

well, by the end of this trilogy chief will have to have achieved his great expectations, and the next will likely introduce the final test for humanity. i.e. the precursers and flood return to dismantle the mantle.

I have a feeling Chief is going to die… no matter what.

The best way to end a series (to me) is not to kill the main character, but to leave him in an ambiguous ending, Halo 3 had a perfect ending. If you want the emotion of killing someone, you have to kill a close companion rather than the main character.

Unfortunately… they already did the pattern of killing companions in Halo 3.
Spoiler… Johnson’s death was sad as a fan of him, then after reading the books? It was DEVASTATING. Johnson was Chief’s only true friend.

There’s three possible endings (generally speaking)
-The game kills some main characters
-The game ends ambiguously
-The game has a happy ending (VERY difficult to pull of)

We already had an ambiguous ending with Halo 3, so I don’t feel like 343 would want to recreate that.
We could kill off some main characters… but right now there is pretty slim pickins, and I don’t think 343 will want to recreate that either. (I really think 343 would benefit from bringing past characters back like Buck or the Arbiter and making them a main character again.)
So for a happy ending… they have to be very careful about how it is executed, otherwise people are going to HATE IT. (ala GoW3)

So in my opinion we really are limited.
We all know that Chief will in the end of Halo 6 save the universe.
But will he survive it?
And if not, how many of the new friends he makes during Halo 4/5/6 live to tell his tale?

Of course I made a TON of assumptions.
In the end: the human race is successful and survives (cuz gamers would HATE to play 3 games simply to fail)

So most of my post was just in relation to the characters we get to know. Not the fact that the universe is saved, but what was the cost of it. This cost is what the gamer is interested in.

You’re forgetting about the trilogy after the forerunner saga is finished mate.