prediction for next must have armor

from what i have seen and read the standard multi player models will have a different look to them as they will represent the next line of Spartans.

what if as you progress through the levels you unlock each section of master chief’s own armor from the campaign with the helmet being the last most sought after piece to complete the set

this way when your playing and you see armor from campaign you know that this player is just another of sure to be many dedicated fans of the halo 4

it’ll be like trying to unlock the retro multiplayer model from most of the other games

the set of armor doesn’t even have to be super rare like some other armor pieces have been in the past, just something cosmetic and easy to recognize to work towards that says “hey i am a halo fan” when other players see you in multiplayer.

Or 343 could pull out another Vidmaster Challenge set to work for a rare set of armor…