Predator Clan recruiting!

Hello there!

I am the leader of the Halo division of the clan Predator. We are a fairly new clan but we all have experience in previous clans. Our leader was the leader of a PlayStation 3 clan named H3RO, which was almost sponsored by Evil Controllers but due to the irresponsibility of a clan member in charge of the YouTube, that was cancelled. I was the co-leader of a military based clan named USMC that was based on Halo: Reach, with only 17 members in the clan but it only took 8 members to beat TKO(a fairly popular clan within the Halo: Reach community at its finest days). Enough about the past though, This is Predator. I have great plans for this clan!

One things is a squad/fireteam based clan system. I think 4 people in a squad and 8 to a fireteam. The squads will have people to cover all basic areas of skills.(ranged, explosives, vehicles, and close quarters). The squad leader will be in charge of his fellow squadmates based on his skill, leadership abilities, and past clan experience and he will be picked after all 4 members of the squad is picked. The fireteam leader will be picked by vote of the 2 squads, majority rule, but it must be one of the leaders of those two squads. The squads will merge into a fireteam and become one of the candidates to participate in the next clan battles.

Requirements? Be good and have a positive kill/death. that is it. You also need to get at least 10 kills off of me in a 1v1. If you can do that you’re in.

We will discuss the emblem after I get a full squad. Once you’re in though I need you to change your service tag to PRED.

Who is with me?

I probably am interested because I already had/have PRED in my service tag anyway I have a lot of experience in gaming but in halo 4 you need a team teamwork beats all who oppose you I used to have a predator clan I was the leader of it it was good for a few years it only has 2 members left me and my most loyal atm and were looking for a clan and since this already wants pred in the ST im interested plus you have a rank system that’s competitive instead of that stupid oh lets recruit 1000 garbage teammates and get rank ups for it bull crap, I refuse to change my gamer tag because everyone knows me by this name and this is also my youtube channel name so I will be keeping my GT the same I have a capture card to record our game play if needed its 1080p HD so were good on that if your interested my GT is BBE Cetanu im a halo 2 veteran and also an AvP Legend and hardcore fan of both so let me know soon.