Precursors, Flood and Humans/Forerunners

I got thinking.
The Precursors arrived in the galaxy and seeded it with life.
Later on they were defeated by the forerunners and some of them turned themselves into spores in orders to remake themselves later on.
What if the way in which the Precursors seeded the galaxy with life was to find habitable worlds, turn themselves into spores and jump start the evolutionary process and shape it in whatever way they desired?
In various sources it mentions that Humans and Forerunners were created by the Precursors to one day inherit the mantle.
What if this means that Precursors are not necessarily a single species, but created by precursor spores and evolving?
This is where the flood come in. The flood were created from these spores, though apparently corrupted, they consume sentient life, forming graveminds.
The Primordial is presumed to be a proto-gravemind or a Precursor.
What if it’s both?
This line if thinking would make Humans, Forerunners and other sentient life to be the “Created”. Cortana’s statement that the ‘mantle belongs to the created’ would thus be a case if misinterpretation.
In conclusion. Humans and Forerunners and other life created by the Precursors would in turn, be Precursors as they were created using Precursors spores. The resulting species that are created are then tested for their worthiness of bearing the Mantle, before they move onto the next galaxy.

Tell me what you guys think, I’d love to hear your opinions.

My understanding built from clues scattered throughout the Forerunner Saga, is that the Precursors exist outside of the normal space-time continuum, as constants (essentially gods). The races the Forerunners know as “Precursors” are biological avatars that the true Precursors created to interact with their creations.

The Precursors created one specific race to inherit the Mantle of Responsibility in the Milky Way Galaxy, but that created race split into two. One split off and went to the far reaches of the galaxy and the other remained near their homeworld. Eventually those near their homeworld accidentally destroyed their homeworld, and they lost all records of the others of their race that had long-since left. The faction responsible for the destruction of their homeworld deliberately genetically modified themselves in an attempt to “perfect” their species". The other faction remained generally unchanged (apart from the natural genetic progression of the species). The Precursors decided to apply their promise to the faction that didn’t deliberately drastically modify their genetics (Humans), and not the other faction (Forerunners). The Forerunners felt betrayed, and lashed out violently, proving that they didn’t have the temperament to hold the Mantle.

Because the Flood are essentially the fingers of the Precursors, and the Precursors’ plan is to give the Mantle to humanity, the Flood’s actions can be interpreted to be in pursuit of this same goal, which surprisingly fits really well with all of the lore I’ve seen on the Flood so far. Everything the Flood does results in one of the following:
1: preserves humanity’s existence against an outside threat.
2: limits access to an ancient piece of technology a faction shouldn’t have access to.
3: teaches humanity humility or other values which are necessary to hold the Mantle.

I once had this all written out with full references, but I lost it when that computer crashed. If you have any questions regarding my interpretation, or examples from the lore that you don’t think fit my interpretation, I’d be happy to address them.

I think the whole thing with the precursors turning themselves into dust / spores was just something they did to themselves to survive for longer. If the forerunners found more living precursors, they’d kill them but if they found jars of dust then they wouldn’t assume anything. So the mindset after the “war” could’ve been “hey the forerunners may still be hunting us down, lets turn into dust so that they can’t kill us and we can just revive thousands of years later and get back to work”.

As for the precursors needing habitable worlds to take different forms through spores, this seems unnecessary. They could just build giant planets in their home galaxy and then do it that way. I think the reason they went around to galaxies to seed them with life is going to remain un-answered.

All the Milky Way species were created to see who among them was worthy of holding the mantle in the galaxy, it just happens that the forerunners and later the humans were the best choices.

I don’t think we’ve ever been told the specifics of how the precursors create life. From what I can imagine, they create cells and inject different combinations of DNA to then create unique species (so not spores of themselves necessarily). So with this theory in mind, the forerunners, Humans, elites, grunts, etc. are all technically the “created” of the precursors. However they are not precursors due to DNA differences and the fact that all precursors seem to be hyper intelligent and able to access neuro-physics and understand it. So unless precursor is not the name of a species but instead a group of beings that constantly change / mutate into other physical shapes over long periods of time, then no Humans and forerunners are not precursors.

As for the created misinterpretation, I don’t think Cortana read "the created shall inherit the mantle" anywhere, she just made that up herself and uses it as a line to support her cause. If I’m wrong then yes I guess the precursors writings (if there are any) meant the organic species but Cortana thinks its the AI’s (so the created of the created?).

But we generally don’t know much about the precursors still. We don’t even know if the flood was planned or if it was actual corruption, if they wanted to be mostly killed off by the forerunners or if they intended to escape and go elsewhere, if the primordial was still planning out humanity’s test for the mantle or if the precursors just abandoned the mantle idea and just want to consume as the flood.