Precursor or Forerunner?

With the hints in Primordium, who do you think the Ancient Evil is? The Precursors or Forerunners?


This actually has to be asked? It’s overwhelmingly obvious it’s the Precursors.

The Precursors.

Hopefully using the Flood and other created races as foot soldiers.

I haven’t read any of the newer books so I don’t know the facts and theories but the Precursors and Forerunners are way to advanced for one UNSC spartan to take on, even the entire damn UNSC allied with the Covenant would be a joke to the ancients. Maybe were fighting a more sophisticated flood or something, how the hell could we fight a species that is made up of pretty much tech gods.

The Forerunner’s obviously.
I mean, they made Humans their living legacy so its pretty obvious that they would want to annhilate us.


Hopefully neither. In fact, if Halo 4 begins with the following disclaimer, 343 Industries would instantly become one of my favourite developers:

“This product is in no way affiliated with the series of books that share its name, and should be viewed as a separate piece of fiction.”

id like to see precursors and forerunners i know it cant happen because of the war and stuff but i personally cant decide who to pick who to fight.

i mean forerunners with amazing weaponry.

or precursors witch are like walking tanks. hard to choose.

if i had to choose who i think we would be fighting i would choose precursors.