Precursor Found?

In the new video put out at comic-con we see something that resembles the creature at the end of the concept art trailer Could this be a Precursor or the ancient evil?

New Trailer

Look from 10:30 till 10:35

Then the Concept art Trailer from 1:29 till 1:35

That’s concept art of the Promethean Knight.

It looks like it was just concept art for the Promethean Knight, unfortunately.

I am very disappointed this concept art turned out to be concept art of the Promethean Knight. At the same time, if some form of Precursor or a new species all together is introduced in Halo 4, we still have no idea whatsoever what it will look like.

Precursors are a bit bigger then knights and have multiple legs like a giant spider thing with a big barbed tail coming from its head and etc.