Precision weapons - changing things that don't need change

Couple of things: recoil, bloom, glint.

Why does the BR need recoil and glint? What is the purpose of punishing a player for using a weapon? The commando was decent in the flights but post nerf it’s wildly inconsistent. The RNG hipfire bloom for the sniper just has to go…

Punishing players and making weapons less enjoyable to use as a means to balance the sandbox is the wrong way to go. What is so bad about your shots landing where you aim anyways? I know this is to make new players feel better about sucking but it just makes the weapons inconsistent which is worse imo.

It’s not longer about skill that’s why.

Halo 5 mangum, light rifle, carbine, dmr FTW

Yeah, I want the DMR and Carbine added.

Welcome to what happens when you don’t opt in for projectile weapons and then need to retroactively nerf them because they can crossmap with no issue.


I blame the AR or SMG; it always goes back to that and the desire for them or weak alternative to be the starting weapons.

“b-b-but John Halo holds one on the box art of the game!!!1! and other games have good automatics!!1”

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