Precision Weapons - Aim Assist

I hope at least one precision weapon has low to very low amounts of aim assist.

A custom game option to disable some forms of aim assist would also be nice.

I’m pretty sure the DMR has low aim assist in close range.

Halo 3 had some crazy aim assist. That vid master where 4 guys had to drive ghosts it was a huge problem. One little flood spore would go in front of you and it would turn the whole vehicle.

As long as i can focus on fighting my opponents and not fighting the game. Too many times in Reach there would be a 2 v 1 situation and i would almost finish off one guy, only to have my reticule drag itself to other player >.>. Hopefully Halo 4 will have reduced aim assist.

I hope that all precision weapons have reduced aim assist at close range.

It’s a console game, it will always have aim assist.

> It’s a console game, it will always have aim assist.

CEA Has the option to turn it off for the campaign. They should add it in custom games also.

Aim Assist has never helped me its always a hindrance.

It messes with me almost every game. I played Halo 3 a couple of days ago. Im about to chuck a nade at somebody whose down a hallway about to turn a corner, im at a door right before the hallway as hes turning the corner I throw my nade and my cursor automaticly moves and turns me a little instead of throwing it down the hall the frag hits the threshold of the door and bounces back at me.

Ive had plenty of bad experiences with aim assist and cannot remember it helping me at all.

Another way aim assist -Yoinks!- with me is say im doing a FFA slayer, and I have somebody 1 shot and somebody crosses my path, jumps infront of me, or whatever it takes the aim off of the guy I have 1shot and soft locks onto this other -Yoink- jumping across my screen!!!

I hate aim assist lol give us the option to shut it off please!!!