Precision Rifle Comps/Suggestions

I have Master commendations for all but the LR, which I’m very quickly learning to appreciate. I thought I’d share my current thoughts on usability of each and then make a humble suggestion about how they could be implemented in the Halo 5.

BR: Great overall power at all distances. Most versatile of the rifles, but not most powerful. Change I’d make: Implement sharp distance cap for long/extreme distances… you would think 3 bullets fired in quick succession wouldn’t be very accurate for long. This has plenty of up close power as is. Give the DMR the edge in mid/long engagements, and the BR the edge in close/mid.

DMR: Not so useful up close, most dominant at mid-to-extreme range. Change I’d make:Should be significantly slower to wield against close range targets, and a tad slower on extreme range targets. Accuracy and distance are the hallmarks of marksman rifles, right?

Carbine: Only effective mid-range. BR is too overpowering for what carbine offers. Still helluva lot of fun to use. Change I’d make: If you had a BR/DMR rifle distance scale, from close range effectiveness to long range effectiveness, I’d make the carbine more effective at between the BR and Light Rifle.

Light Rifle: definitely the most difficult to master; arguably beter than BR. Change I’d make: If you had a BR/DMR scale, i’d look to put the LR on the DMR half.

What do you think? Leave your own?

Long write-up from another thread:

I’ve thought of a few ways to define their niche better, though it ends up dumbing down the LR a bit and the BR isn’t a 4sk like everyone wants it to be.

Four Shot Kill regardless of scope.
Slow Firing Rate
Long Scope
Perfect Accuracy.
Most Aim Assist Range.
Has no Bleedthrough.
1.4s Killtime.

Battle Rifle
Six Shot Kill
Fast Firing Rate
Medium Scope
Moderate Accuracy.
Moderate Aim Assist Range.
Has “Bleedthrough” due to burst fire.
1.3s Killtime

Eight Shot Kill.
Very Fast Firing Rate.
Medium Scope
Poor Accuracy
Low Aim Assist Range.
Has Bleedthrough.
1.2s Killtime

Five Shot Kill
Moderate Firing Rate
Medium-Large Scope.
High Accuracy
Aim Assist Range is between Lightrifle and Battlerifle.
Has no bleedthrough.
1.3s Killtime

Killtimes aren’t literal, just there to give a general idea. The DMR would be more accurate than the BR and would kill faster than the Lightrifle, but would be harder to use than the Lightrifle at longer ranges.

One thing that annoys me is how random the shots per kill is. The Longest Ranged weapon takes 5, the next one takes 4, the next one takes 5 again, and the Shortest Ranged one takes 8.

I tried to fix that, and I tried to reinforce their niches where the LR is the Long Range Rifle, the BR is the Medium Range, the Carbine is the Short Range.

The DMR would be unique in that it would be the best rifle at long range but harder to use, and would be slightly inferior to the BR at medium range due to no bleedthrough. It would have a faster killtime than the LR but a smaller scope and less aim assist, so it wouldn’t technically be as effective but could still possibly beat the LR in more skillful hands.


Lightrifle is the new Battle Rifle, deal with it.

What makes you think the BR is versatile? It’s meant specifically for close and medium range. That’s why it has the spread and recoil.

If anything, the DMR is the versatile utility weapon of this game.

> Long write-up from another thread

Excellent stuff, thanks for sharing. Of course, we’re talking about today’s game tomorrow… who knows what other rifles will be introduced or removed. I personally prefer they hone/modernize the existing options instead of creating new ones.