Precision aiming zone solution

Please refer to this video @3:00 where 343 talks about aiming magnetism cone (not to be confused with bullet magnetism, which the video also talks about), which I have heard also referred to as the precision aiming zone.

Current Aiming Mechanic Goal:
To assist with aiming and to help prevent over aiming

Current Aiming mechanic function:
Across the board reduction in sensitivity which diminishes all input from the player.

Current Problem:
Most game play you are not actually in combat, and muscle memory to control the reticle is primarily developed off target while traversing a map, looking around, etc. The brain will naturally sync physical input to produce the desired visual output. Once the precision aiming zone kicks in off target however, it decouples the input output expectations that your muscle memory was built on. This leads to excessive levels of under aim. The reticle is often referred to as being very heavy, sluggish, slow, and unresponsive to player input. The precision aiming zone is a reduction in all input, which is unintuitive to the aiming process, especially for those used to making subtle aiming corrections. 343’s effort to prevent over aiming has unintentionally created ample amounts of under aim. This is a major problem.

Solution Goal:
To assist with aiming by helping to prevent over aiming, under aiming, while also preserving natural aiming muscle memory

Solution mechanic:
While within the precision aiming zone and OFF target: Low levels of input that are toward a target should get boosted. Excessive levels of input toward a target should get diminished. Normal levels of input toward a target should receive no adjustment. All input moving away from a target should be diminished.
While within the precision aiming zone and ON target: Retain the current across the board sensitivity drop as-is.

Solution benefits:
Unlike the current system in place now, the new system does not assume that all input needs a reduction in sensitivity. The new system honors player input as having intrinsic value in the aiming process, and only interjects help when aiming input levels are at the extremes. Subtle player input aiming correction will no longer leave the reticle stuck in the mud, and instead the reticle will react responsive and predictable. This new system will naturally synchronize with the natural muscle memory that is built over the course of basic game play.

I also feel that the aim acceleration in this game should be addressed. This video illustrates just how sever the reticle lurch is. This kind of aiming mechanic makes the reticle unpredictable and difficult to control.

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Good post. I personally feel like the game should not move your crosshair for you. The timestamp in the video he says that if the other player was moving the game would attempt to track him, and to me that’s a problem because 1) the game is doing work for you (even though it may be minimal), and 2) it can result in the game actually messing up your aim. For example, if trying to snipe a target and someone walks in front of you much much closer it will drag your crosshair and you miss your shot. The game didn’t help at all because you weren’t trying to aim for the guy close to you. I’ve had this happen several times and it’s very jarring when the crosshair moves on it’s own.

I feel like 343 is underestimating a player’s ability to aim, which is why we get systems like this that basically aim for you.

I just really hope they do something about the aim in this game. It’s getting very annoying and it feels like I’m constantly fighting the game for control of my crosshair.

I’m starting to have issues with my aim moving away from the target on it’s own while I’m aiming at some one

though this was an issue in halo 4 too

I agree.


LOL in the video he said “if we do our job well you won’t have any idea that his is going on” yet we noticed it severely in our first match.

Great write up. This is the number one issue in the game right now. It needs to be addressed immediately. It’s extremely disappointing 343 would do this to a previous system that needed no adjustment

In Layman’s Terms: aiming wasnt broken in previous games…so why the hell did you Eff it up 343i?

hopefully 343 will consider that an across the board sensitivity drop is not necessarily helpful to the player’s aiming process. Not all input toward a target needs to be diminished. Some input could benefit from a boost, some of it should be left alone. Its only the excessive levels of input, which could benefit from being diminished, as to help prevent over aim.

Well thought out post with solid examples of how broken this new gameplay system is. I don’t see how they could have thought this was better than the beta. They need to at least patch in some settings that we can modify to our own liking.

ive also noticed some issues where aiming doesnt quite seem to work right when aiming at people i had thought that maybe i needed a new controller but i never have the problem in other games now i see it is the game not me

The sooner they address this issue the better this game becomes.

Good post, I’m not sure if your solution would work, seems to me it would just create more problems, but they could definitely tweak it, I feel like their “auto tracking assist” in the precision aiming zone doesn’t work too well. I feel that they should also decrease the bullet magnetism a touch, it’s a little too generous. Aim assist would probably need to be bumped a little to compensate.

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> Good post, I’m not sure if your solution would work, seems to me it would just create more problems, but they could definitely tweak it, I feel like their “auto tracking assist” in the precision aiming zone doesn’t work too well. I feel that they should also decrease the bullet magnetism a touch, it’s a little too generous. Aim assist would probably need to be bumped a little to compensate.

Why do you think it would create more problems? My solution respects the intrinsic value of player input has within the aiming process and only interjects corrections at extreme levels of under or over aiming. 343 is disrespectfully diminishing all player input, regardless of the natural aiming quality that may exist.

So, if your reticle is off target, and you are making a subtle aiming correction toward your target, 343’s precision aiming zone makes that subtle aiming correction nonexistent, to the point that reticle hardly moves at all. My solution sees the subtle aiming correction toward a target, recognizes that the player is off target, and gives a little boost to help you get on target. Normal levels of input are diminished by 343’s precision aiming zone, which makes basic aiming corrections sluggish and slow. My solution will allow those aiming corrections to be responsive and crisp. The only value 343’s precision aiming zone has, is it will help to prevent over aiming when you are at the extremes of input. But, my solution does this too.

Not a lot of people understand whats actually happening here in regards to Aiming.

I feel your pain OP and actually agree with you. It’s a mixture of factors, But to me, it seems the biggest culprit is the controller itself. The x1 controller has significantly larger deadzones compared to any other controller you’ve ever played with on any console EVER. The game doesn’t offer a setting to compensate for this like Titanfall, Forza, and other games do.

Mix that in with faster aim acceleration, and less aim assist, and you have the jerkiest aiming experiences ever known to Halo. We need some sort of way to offset the deadzones because once we get to the point of where input registers, the acceleration kicks in and you aim right past the enemy’s head/body.

The only way to describe it besides "jerky" and “unresponsive” is that even after playing for several hours, you still feel as if you haven’t “warmed up” yet. It’s almost as if you feel that you are fighting with the controls to aim properly as opposed to it feeling natural and fluid**.** It’s a huge bummer for a lot of halo vets.


100 percent agreed. 343 FIX THIS ISSUE

The aiming needs a complete rework, for me i have no control of the aiming at times. Especially when there are 2 enemy players the aim sight goes out of control in between targets. Honestly agree with this post. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.