Precipice - Feedback Thread (Now in Team Slayer)

This thread will be used to gather feedback for the map Precipice in matchmaking.

<strong>> prec·i·pice</strong>
<strong>> **__noun /ˈpresəpəs/ __</strong>
> precipices, plural
> - A very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one
Map Download Link
Team Slayer Gameplay - Blue Team
Team Slayer Gameplay - Red Team
Please be as detailed as possible when leaving feedback, this is of great use to me when making changes. If you manage to find any issues with the map (spawns, hiding spots, ect) post a video or screen shot here indicating the problem. And if anyone here has an awesome moment on the map, post them here as well! I’ll be collecting the links below for everyone to see!
Thanks in advance.
> Epic Moments on Precipice:
> Perspiring while playing Precipice: Perfection!
> Grenade Launcher - Triple Kill
> Armor Lock won’t do you any good here
> Nearly an extermination
> 3 for 1 Snipe
> Think you’ve had a cooler moment on Precipice? Post it here and I’ll pin it up for others to see!