Preaching to each others choirs, please stop

Since the new information on CTF there has been out alot of negativity spurred from this part of the forum, of course everyone has the right to their opinion, but I think it has gone a bit too far.

Firstly, I believe there only needs to be one CTF discussion forum, not dozens, if you feel positively or negatively about CTF, feel free to post it in one of the many open threads available, unless you have some ground breaking information which could change the opinion of many and cause controversy, please don’t make a new thread, it’s rather annoying.

Also, if your argument is negative or positive, please don’t make it blind bashing or blind praise, have a valid argument based on evidence well thought out in advance. I’m not only sick of seeing ‘oh you can’t drop the flag the whole game is ruined’ but also ‘OMG this game is going to be so amazing best game ever ftw all you haters are stupid 343i is the best.’

…It’s just frankly annoying and doesn’t achieve everything, no game can be perfection, and no the game isn’t ruined, CTF isn’t the only playlist, and although some of you may hold it dear to your hearts, there is still campaign, forge, spartan ops, custom games, achievement hunting, slayer, BTB, grifball, oddball, ranking system, new abilities, armor, skins, colours, emblems and not to mention, oh yea? 2 other games to complete the trilogy and to perfect matchmaking in gameplay and in canon.

At the end of the day, we all love halo, 343i could release a 2d stickman animation and call it halo and if we were none the wiser we would buy it just for the brand. Everyone on this forum is pretty hellbent on buying halo: 4 and many have pre-ordered it, so all you are doing in the end is ruining your own hype and the hype of other people, which isn’t nice.

I know gamer’s aren’t known for their optimism, and we are all pretty much critical, mean brats spoiled by the time and effort spent by game designers just to entertain us. But lets try to keep it positive, ok? Or atleast, cautiously optimistic.

Preaching to the choir bro…ironic.

If you don’t want so many threads on the same topic, why did you make this?!