Pre-Virus Potential Release Date For Halo Infinite

Information found on Reddit Post:

Even if all those questionable assumptions were correct, that wouldn’t be the release date anyways with the shadows of reach date coming into play.

Comon! So the code at the end is supposed to signify the remaining days until release starting from the trailer. Okay. Based on what exactly?

I guess it happened, we’ve reached pick desperation for Hi news! :joy:

Talking about rumours, some MS product pages stated XSX will be released on Thanksgiving. If that’s true here ya’ go! Hi’s release date!^^ MS already backtracked it though as a mistake, stating Series X will be released this 2020 holidays without specifying a date. The mistake seams weird though. That said it might have been the initial plan, but than it changed due to the virus or maybe they got wind about Sony’s plan and took action based on that. Who knows? However if November is true, a beta for Hi in September is more than possible! I always put my bets on late September, early October, so I’m surprised to see that the new Xbox might come out so late this year. Especially with PS5 on their tales! But we shall see! :smiley:

“Holiday” basically translates to mid-October through mid-November for many products.
Retailers don’t want to miss the Black Friday sales rush and want to ensure they have adequate inventory at that time so that means initial stocks arriving at least a few weeks prior to that date.