Pre/Post Game Multiplayer Lobbies

Can we talk about Pre/Post Game Multiplayer Lobbies for a second?

To begin with the pregame lobbies, no open mics anymore? Whats going on here. True Halo fans love the opportunity to talk with teammates and opponents before going into a ranked match, really feel like something is missing here.

Also, the opportunity to see the map/mode you are about to be playing and maybe a veto option with 2 other choices would be nice.

Post game lobbies, although the option to solo/duo que into a ranked match is nice some I like the opportunity to que into a open lobby with the possibility of finiding a team that is in need of a 4th. If comms and gameplay all play out great and I want to invite these teammates into a party to continue playing together the option is not available. With that, I cant even click on a name in leaderboards to view a profile or anything.

The gameplay as of right now feels crisp and clean, but I believe these lobbies really need a clean up. If its coming on release day then fine, thats what im expecting but if this is the way it will be for the long haul I am not to happy with the finished product.


Yes we should have before and after game lobbies to talk, socialize etc… We need to be able to see who is talking as well.

This is kinda off topic but I’d also like to see the classic carnage report with the “tool of destruction” in post game instead of just page after page of stats

I made a thread about this too! Although I also mentioned how I liked that in Halo 4 the cards were a way for players to glance through other players looks and showoff their style. With all this focus on customization, lobbies are a great way to add to a reason to customize(meaning more people paying for mtx, more profit for 343).