Pre-owned recon helmet issues

Ok so recently, i bought an Xbox 360, and I bought Halo Reach and all that, and I play it a LOT I have had it like a month and am almost Lt. colonel, however, I saw teh recon helmet, and I was like “ohhhh that’s kinda neat looking, I should unlock that” then I google it, only to find I had to buy a new unused copy of Reach, I have a PreOwned one,is there ANY way I can get the Helmet? Or am I gonna just have to suck it up and deal?

You can still buy the Recon helmet when you reach the appropriate rank, but you can’t purchase the third attachment, that was an exclusive pre-order bonus and is no longer possible to get.

You could try e-bay but the chances of finding someone selling it for a reasonable price is slim.

Thank you very much! My bad for not reading more about unlocking it! I look forward to getting that helmet!!!

There is another way, albeit just as risky as Ebay… Amazon has them listed for about $50 (I could be getting this mixed up with the legendary armor effect, but both were way more than they’re worth to me).