Pre-Order Shenanigans

Hey guys, just wanted to sort of give an opinion about the pre-order bonus content. I have always oved the idea for getting a little extra somethin with your purchase of the game, but unfortunately, i dislike the fact that they’re are different content depending on what retailer you get the game. I am a completionist(achievements, in-game stuff, etc.), and this sort of pre-order practice drives me insane, cause i want them all. I hate exclusivity of things based around where you buy it from, cause it basically leaves out things that people would like to have in their armory or inventory. I can only hope that after the release of Halo 4, maybe after a month or 2, that they become available on Xbox Live Marketplace,either for free, or a really small fee, similar how Mortal Kombat 9 did after its release. I hope 343 can read this.

Totally with you on that one, mate.

Perhaps for purchase, but making them freely available undermines the marketing deals.

Im not too bothered about the skins, but i’ll be annoyed if the armours being shown are exclusive, instead of just being used to showcase the skins.

I really want the HAZOP armour :(((

I don’t want armor. It’s the weapon skins that have my attention. If only 1 retailer provides a weapon skin, then it would be reasonable to make that accessible to everyone eventually.

Im sorry, but locust armor looks BA. So does the web and forest skins.

The way I’m looking at this is that if you want a particular skin right away, you’ll buy from that specific retailer (providing you have that retailer near you). After which, likely a month or so, the rest of the skins will be available for a fee on XBL.

It makes sense from a business perspective to make these available later. More money for Microsoft. The specific retailer gets money from the initial game purchase. So the businesses are happy.

It’s just we fans who want them ALL from the start that won’t be so happy. However, by making them available later on XBL, we’ll still be able to get them.

I’m still holding out hope that the limited edition will have them all, but I’m not holding my breath.

while agree with you all the way i think making them availible for free kind of defeats the purpose of the pre-order so i think there should be a armor/gun skin DLC pack. i know i would buy that