pre order req packs not appearing.

so i got the digital pre order and i’m still waiting on my 14 premium packs and the weapon skin pack. Now the weird thing is the first week just passed and i did get the 2 premium packs that you’re supposed to get weekly but my question is where are the 14 packs i was supposed to get at launch along with the other 2 packs i’ve contacted xbox support twice on this problem i’ve done all the reinstalling and resetting my console i can handle a answer would be greatly appreciated 343 thanks in advance. Also i am more than willing to give out the info you need to check the legitamacy of this problem so just ask tell me what you need.

The 14 packs are released 2 a week so you are receiving those.
can you elaborate on what the other 2 pa is you are talking about include

ooooo that makes sense now ok i thought that it meant you get 14 at start plus 2 a week ok i get it now and i got that figured out the weapon skin i had already opened and i didn’t really realize that the other add on was the animated fall of reach series lol whoops but ok thanks for the info that helps get a huge load off my mind.

It looks like your issue has been resolved. If you have any other issues, please feel free to create another support thread!