Pre order req pack. Please help

Hey everyone so recently i figured out that i had the locke armor code in my game and i recently installed it. all this time ive been playing ive been trying to get his armor so bad and duh i had it the whole time. i still havent recieved the req pack and its been 4 days since i entered it. Does anyone know how to fix it? please help


Did you get it from gamestop? if so, it should be on your receipt

Yeah i did and i entered it already but i havent got the pack in game

Try entering again, than check your halo 5 game data.
Certain promotional things are shown on the games add ons.

Also it’s been a year, code might not still be valid.
I don’t have my receipt to check “if” it could expire.

Pretty sure Gamestop codes have an expiration date. As I recall, they expire anywhere from 3-9 months after being activated. You should check the receipt (or wherever the code was listed) to see if there is any info about expiration.

It didn’t expire though because it worked and let me download it and its saying that is added to the game on xboxs end by is just not shoeing up in game