Pre-Order question.

If i pre-order limited edition will I still get the armour/skins that I get with reguler edition?


If your refering to the map packs. If your refering to the bonus skins of the store, yes but you will have to pre order.

If you plan on buying it from the same store Yes then. As you get the retailer bonus as well as the Limited edition bonus.

I am going to assume so.
However if you get the Limited Edition halo xbox only then you get the standard game and you would then not get the limited edition codes even though you would be paying way more.

For this, I am buying the console AND the limited edition!

Good luck finding a place that is still selling the LE. You can’t pre-order them from Gamestop anymore. My girlfriend and I payed ours off last week. I believe there’s still time for the LE console though. Good hunting.