Pre-order Flaming Warthog skin

I’ve been playing Halo Wars on and off since it came out (I purchased the Limited Edition steelbook version).

Runnin the Show is the last achievement I need, and I enjoy working towards it every now and again.

My question is this… Do you think we’ll ever get a chance to get the Flaming Warthog skin? I was very close to buying a code for around £20 on eBay a couple of years ago and hesitated too long and it was gone. I’ve not seen one since.

I have the Honor Guard Wraith skin (although I’m not sure how I got that, I think it may have been with the Limited Edition game), but I never pre-ordered so I don’t have the Flaming Warthog skin.

How do people who actually have it feel about this? Do you still like the idea of it being very limited, or do you think it’s been long enough since launch now and you wouldn’t mind losing the exclusivity of it?

If it came to Marketplace I’d buy it - it looks awesome. Do you think it could help increase the numbers playing at all? Maybe get some people interested in it again who haven’t played in a while perhaps?

I like it being limited. It’s a testament to how old school I am.

If they went with my expansion idea, they could make a special pre order skin for it, thus the old gamers get keep there flaming worthog skin and newer players can get there own skin.

I think its got to the point where they could put it in the marketplace. When this game first game out I only got the standard edition as I was unsure of its quality but I knew some of the guys at ensemble studios worked on age of empires, which I love so I bought the standard which I still regret to this day as I Don’t have the skins.

> I like it being limited. It’s a testament to how old school I am.

Me too.