Pre-Order Bonus issues

Am I the only one who didn’t get my GameStop pre-order bonus? This sucks.

Also, since the limited edition codes are all bundled, a ton a trades are going to fail :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt pre-order from GameStop myself , but we are on the same boat.

I havent got my pre-order bonuses from the place i orderd my copy of Halo 4 LE

I just got my preorder from Amazon, and I didn’t see ANYTHING about a bonus. No code in or on the box, no additional paper in the packaging.

On the same note, I ordered some of the Walmart bonus cards (get a skin and $5 Vudu credit), and THEY haven’t emailed me the skin codes. -_-

It says on gamestops website you will get your codes in your digital locker on gamestops website

I ordered the Halo 4 console. I did NOT get ANY of the codes. No Fotus, No WEB skins. NOTHING extra as I should have.

To say I’m a little pissed is an understatement. I could have bought the console from any number of other places. I wanted that WEB skin. From day 1 too, not whenever they decide to address the issue.

I can’t even find a place to e-mail them on their site about this.

I tried replying to the e-mail about the order being receive, however that was bounced back as a non-reply e-mail.

VERY Frustrating to say the least.

If it were not for the fact that I wanted the web skin, I’d have just got this at Best Buy instead. GRRRR.

343 any help here? (I can send the invoice as proof of purchase.) BS Angel? Rukizzel? (Spelling?)

If it’s not resolved by Amazon, I’ll be blogging about this for sure. I’m getting 5,000 hits a day now. I’m sure my readers would like to know about this…


contact amazon generic support, say you didn’t get bonuses for having a perorder, just follow through there. usually amazon is good about this kind of stuff. think about the money they’re losing paying for shipping for all these delayed shipments. it’s around $10 a customer, whether it’s the console, the standard game or the LE game. may not seem like much to a couple people, but in the overall scheme, it’s a decent amount of money.

EDIT: Scratch that, just got the codes minutes after I made this post.

Yeah, I’m on hold with them now.

For people who preordered from Amazon:

You should get an email today.

According to Amazon it hasn’t been sent yet. Check your spam boxes!

ETA: Awesome timing. Walmart just sent my codes. :slight_smile:

The guy at game said the codes were in the bag…

They weren’t :frowning:

but my LE armours won’t unlock either due to server issues. I hate armour…

> It says on gamestops website you will get your codes in your digital locker on gamestops website

Where is this digital locker?

I didn’t get my pre-order bonuses OR reward points for buying Halo 4. : (

Sucks cause I needed those 600 points to get a Halo 4 Metal Badge.

i didnt get any codes apart from 14 day xbox live code

I opened the game and noticed this as well. then i found that all of your codes should be on the receipt that gamestop gave you. the cashier should have circled the codes on the receipt.

ya same thing with me, all i got was a 14 day trial, nothing else…nothing on the receipt as well


Still no e-mail from Amazon containing skin code.

I pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store, and I received the game with a 14-day free pass but is it, it does not include the contains in the package nor on the order form.