Pre-Order bonus content

Hey guys, I just picked up my version of Halo Reach a fue hours ago and I can’t seem to find my pre-order content… I thaught it would be in the case but it’s not. I only got the Reach maps…

I pre-orderd Halo Anniversary months ago… is there somthing i’m missing? the only reason I pre-orders was for the bonus content.

contact the store and get it. are u sure the store was offering the bonuses? on EB games and a few other placed have them here in NZ

Did the store/shop you ordered it from say that you could get the bonuses?

If you ordered it online, they may have emailed the code to you.

Nah the shop I buy all my games never say I get anything with it but I always do, I got it from JB Hi-Fi Australia. It’s prob because the person that was working there was new and wasn’t working the Games section of the shop.

hey i got mine from JB’s website and didn’t get anything either.

the exact opposite happened to me … I got two pairs :smiley: !!!

ha, you must have got mine :smiley:

Just phoned JB and I was right. The girl that worked there stuffed up ALL the pre-orders… gj, now they want me to drive all the way back there show them the recept just to pick that one thing up. Wish they would just email me the code :confused: