Pre-order armor disappeared.

I pre-ordered Halo 4 from gamestop and got the limited edition. I entered in all the codes an unlocked some cool helmets and chests. Everything was fine until i hit SR 40. After i hit SR 40 I lost all my pre-order and limited edition armor.

I tried resetting my xbox but it didnt fix it. Anyone know how I can get this fixed?


I’ve had the same issue occur.

I haven’t found a definitive fix myself, and I don’t know of any either.

It’s an on and off issue for me.

I had this happen, and I also couldn’t access my other armor that I unlocked when I leveled up while my pre order stuff was missing. That was two days ago, and when I logged in today, they were all there. I have no idea what happened to fix it, but it did.

yeah my gamestop camo armor and BR disappeared today

You have to go into your download history and redownload it.