Pre-Made Teams Ruining Matchmaking

In my 12+ years of experience playing Halo, the overwhelming majority of the time, pre-made teams beat teams of randoms. Before I go on, I must clarify that this is focused more on Big Team Battle and Warzone than the other game types. Pre-made teams communicate better, are more often than not assemble the better players, and generally strategize better since most if not all of the pre-made team is communicating. Lately, I can’t seem to get away from facing pre-made teams, and it got me thinking. People who are up against these pre-made teams often quit because they are getting dominated, which isn’t a good playing experience. However, matchmaking fills those empty slots with more players. The momentary lack of a full team gives an even greater advantage to the pre-made team, exacerbating the problem. Then those new players see that they too are also getting dominated and quit. This means that by the end of the game the majority of the players in the game had a bad playing experience. So much so in some cases, that the players quit. This same pattern has happened in the past 5 games in a row that I’ve played in just one night (tonight), all resulting in the pre-made team winning by a gigantic lead. I have seen this happen plenty of times before tonight, about every 3rd game at least. As a side note, I do not quit. Since I’ve been playing Halo 5, I’ve played 495 games in the Arena playlist and 1,115 games in the Warzone playlist and I’m confident I’ve quit less than 20 times.

How can this be fixed? If we matched pre-made teams up against only other pre-made teams, that would mean longer wait times. However, the way it is now is far from ideal. It seems that 343 Industries believes that players waiting to get into a match is a worse player experience than players who get dominated by pre-made teams. I would like to know what 343 Industries thinks about this. Maybe there is something I’m missing here.

The general consensus is that the population is not large enough to implement a system based on team v team and solo v solo