Pre-Made buildings I'd like to see in forge

First I’d like to say this forge so far is amazing. But let’s get to the topic at hand. I’d like to see the bases from Warzone this includes Armory, Garage, and Fortress from March on Stormbreak. I’d also like to see the little towers near the Armory’s on Stormbreak. Lastly I’d like to see the little building in the bottom right of this picture of A.R.C :

Plopping down pre-made structures, or better - custom made structures, would be pretty fun.

Having those would be great for a quick BTB map creation or a single flag match.

Hello halo community. I have made a forge map on halo 5. It is called forge ready. The map has pre made structures that ive built including bunkers, anti air canons, buildings, road, 3 types of bridges, bases and more. (I will update the maps occasionally) so for all those forgers who didnt want to spend the time making pre made building etc for bases or structure its all done for you. Just friend alpha chief 14 go to the halo menu click the X button, go to my gt and go to file share and find the map forge ready and press the left stick in to book mark it then go into forge and build a map with premade structures and more. (make sure when you finish your map to save map as, this way you can use the structures again and again in different maps. Also make sure to group the building so you can move and rotate it as one object and duplicate it.) also either comment below or message alpha chief 14 what other objects you would like to see

Just remember the forge maps called forge ready