Pre halo5 story DLC idea(s)

Personally I think that Halo the master chief collection should have a DLC that sets up halo 5 (only if master chief goes rouge or something) personally I think that in the DLC you should be a ONI, ODST etc. and when master chief goes rouge teams of ONI, ODST etc. hunt for him to kill him or bring him back to the UNSC. Saying this you would be an ONI, ODST etc. with a team of 3 others, one the leader, one a CQB, one a pilot and you are the recon. Later on in the DLC ( oh and DLC includes 3-5 missions ) the CQB dies by elites. At the end of the DLC there will be a cutscene where you find master chief and right as he’s in front of you a flash bang blinds your screen while you hear two gunshots, when your vision goes to normal your 2 other squad mates are dead and you are lying on the ground, master chief walks up to you and holds a magnum to your head and then reaches and pulls you up and says “your the only one I can trust” DLC end there, if you finish the DLC level on Legendary you get to see in the cutscene that when the flash bang goes off you pulled out a magnum and shot your two squad mates. Good idea or Bad let me know!