Pre Game Lobby and UI

I think Halo Infinite should take inspiration from the Halo Reach UI. It literally had everything. This is another new Halo game that is lacking in this department. So much information missing. I honestly don’t understand why we’ve gone backwards when we already had something that was 10/10. I hope the UI changes. Let us see enemy Spartans in pre Game lobbies. Let us choose or veto maps. Let us see people’s service records, ect. I hope a new UI is in the future of Halo Infinite. It would make it so much better. Also, vertical customization UI please :pray:

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343i have a habit of making menus nice to look at but lacking in functionality, a veto option like in Halo 3/Reach would be nice if they’re not going to add playlists for specific modes.

Infinite’s UX in general is a little too clustered for my taste, especially the customization menus. ⊙﹏⊙∥