PRD Scotland needs you! (UK Based Spartan Company)

Hello! I’m PrdBlackWatch, the founder of PRD Scotland.

The group was founded in 2009 and still has an informal members pool to this day. We’ve been playing Halo on various levels since Halo 3 and are looking for some more members as a way to get back into the game.

As more people join, the scope of the group will get even bigger with the possibilities of teams and events should the community want them.

The Scotland part is of course the country of our founding and the homeland of all of our members so far, but we’d be delighted to welcome members from all over the globe.

Plus, there’s a free req pack in it for you if you join us before you’ve joined another company (after we hit the 4 member tenure that is).

Do svidanya folks.

Count me in. Been hoping to join up with a bunch of other Scottish people. Gamertag is RedDevil9487