Praise for 343: Forge made me keep Xbox Live

I just wanted to say that this latest release, with Forge, gave me a reason to purchase another year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Without it, I probably would have let my membership lapse.

What I like about it is that it’s the classic halo experience. Play the games that are fun for you, because they are fun, and only for as long as you’re enjoying yourself. The fact that it is untouched by the monetized progression systems that have taken over the gaming industry is a good thing. I’m of the old-school mindset of just buying the game with one lump sum up front to enjoy everything the creators came up with forever.

Having the progression system no longer require certain gametypes helps with that too. While I tried to influence my friends to disregard the battle pass if it’s making them chase after chores, my encouragement didn’t really work except on those who already agreed with me. So making the progression not tied to certain gametypes was a good move. You can play your way.

I’d like to nominate this website for inclusion in a future newsletter. It’s helpful for finding forge maps and gametypes:

Thank you