Praise: Blown away by the Zoom/Smart-Scope

343i have outdone themselves, and I wanted to make a post to give them a little praise.

All the way back in 2019 I voiced my concerns regarding Smart Scope’s possible inclusion in Halo Infinite, and requested a compromise with the return of the Classic Zoom in some way.

2/4/2019 Classic Zoom vs SmartLink


> SmartScope/ADS is fine to return, but I would really like an option to have a Classic zoom for my weapons. I don’t like my weapon taking up the lower half of my screen. It makes it harder to track enemies.

I’m not sure many people realized it right when Halo 5 first came out, but after awhile you start to notice that zeroing in on targets is a little harder, that there’s a barrel getting in your way.

I requested that Halo Infinite mark the return of the Classic Zoom, at least as an optional setting. What I did not expect was to see its return in full force (similar to Halo 4’s version) as well as enhancements to Smart Scope!

So far here is what I have learned about Smart Scope in Halo Infinite:

  • Taking damage does not descope you as it does Classic Zoom - Your motion detector remains visible when using Smart Scope weapons (such as the AR, Sidekick, or Needler)These are two great wins and show that 343i have put time and energy into breaking down even the simplest player abilities that we often take for granted. In Halo 5 getting into a Smart Scope AR battle would just result in a peppering of bullets to descope the opponent, while you attempted to Zoom in and gain maximum RRR (red reticule range). Not very Halo-like when looking back at other ARs. This enhancement allows the AR to be zoomed in like Halo 5, but it still mostly behaves as a descoped Halo 5 version as well (with the motion detector being visible and also no penalty to taking damage when firing as opposed to when zoomed in in Halo 5, you would be descoped.)

When taking damage when in Classic Zoom (like in the BR) you are still descoped, and your motion detector is also not visible. This is in line with previous Halo’s with Classic Zoom (sans Halo 4 not having descope from damage.)

This was one of if not my biggest concerns going into Halo Infinite and I am blown away. Great job to the team at 343i!