Praetorian Zephyr armor coating■ Not in the PZ bundle?

The bundle sharing the same name didn’t contain this armor coating?

And it’s not part of the event that the armor core was released.

Every other shader for this core was part of the event pass.
Or not shown in the customization menu until the day it dropped in store.

343 bad. 343 greedy. Thats all you need to know and I wish i was lying to you. Its not even a troll comment at this point. 343 chooses what to put where and theyve ditched intelligent decision making and bundle planning, despite never having it in the first place, and withheld the bundle’s namesake to squeeze more money out of you.

Probably going to be a weekly challenge item.

Or put in a $20 bundle with some other stuff that you wouldn’t have wanted otherwise.