Ppl quitting out of ranked matches

Why do so many people quit out of ranked matches? I literally have at least 8-10 matches a day where one or more people leave the game. Leaving my team down a man or two , and with many of these objective game modes you just can’t even compete ( which results in bad stats, a lost, and much of my progress in the ranking whipped out )

I understand that some maybe disconnects, cause that has happened to me. Even received small bans for it. But, for those that willingly leave games , for any reason, is there a ban on them too. If not, there should be, and it should be harsh. Because, this behavior hurts the experience of the game mode.

Destiny has a 30 minute ban for quitting in competitive play. ( destiny ranking system is also based solely on wins ) So, for Halo and the way it’s rankings are calculated, I believe a substantial ban is required. But, if there is no way to differentiate between people that are disconnected and people that deliberately quit, then I am unsure a solution.

Yet, people quitting ranked matches is a problem, and I think it should be addressed.