Powerwash Simulator has more players than Infinite on Xbox

As said in title. People would rather simulate power washing than play Infinite during a ‘narrative event.’

What a joke. This game needs to be cut from being a live service and turned static, and actually provide the content a Halo game is supposed to provide.


Yeah but have you ever stopped to think about what cutting this game from being a live service would mean?

Nothing would change.

That’s because it’s not a live service game.


Is it good though? I downloaded it.

Honestly though - it’s a new, easy game that is free on Game Pass. It’s bound to happen.

It’s not like it’s going to stop me from playing Halo though. At the most, I’ll unlock all of the achievements and never think about it again. (Ever notice that most of the achievements on Game Pass games are rare?)

You are allowed to play other games.


Power washing is awesome. I’ll have to try that out.


That’s good to know.

Are there any mtx in Powerwash Simulator?
Cat ears? Different spray patterns?


What’s the waiting time for PowerWash Multiplayer?

Under 60 seconds like most Halo Infinite Multiplayer modes?


What’s messed up about infinite is knowing 343 rather hold onto their ego instead of smashing it by admitting they did wrong by the player base and do right by the player base. So they will work around their poor business model to force it on the player base.


It actually is knowing this “live services” has done absolutely nothing to improve the game.

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All bad captains sink with their ship.

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If it keeps heading in the wrong direction, it will sink faster then they expect.

Common sense should tell them that they need to change their model, but whether that sinks in or not is a different story.

Yeah exactly.

Can’t call it live because they take ages to fix the most basic stuff.

Can’t call it service because, yeah look at the forums and the comment sections on Twitter and YouTube. People are not happy.

They are lauding themselves with cross core customisation like Apple did when they advertised using apps on a Mac in fullscreen mode like it’s some new feature. Truly futuristic stuff…

Took them 8 years to add basic volume controls to MCC on Xbox…

343i’s gotta have the record for speedrunning a massive game to its essential death.

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Think you are exaggerating a bit much. Power washing game; It’s a new game and it doesn’t have any competitive nature. It’s a game you can relax in and dive into everyone’s deep ocd fantasy.

Yes infinite needs the necessary work but shutting it down… You making that comment is stupid and proves the problems we have in everything today.

Halo needs fixing, they are putting the time and effort to try to give us what we want. Should we have had it at the beginning yes. Has games survived or gotten big after failing a couple months into launch yes. Battlefront 2, Modern warfare, Fortnite, some can argue even Apex and more. All these games had given players what they wanted or fill a void that was missing.

Halo needs changes but let’s come together as a collective to decide what is the most major necessary things. By suggesting ideas and putting up polls and everyone supporting and commenting on the polls. Instead of making post like this that doesn’t do anything for the community.

For example, from watching YouTube videos and reading these forums the top problems that need to be fixed or added.
• Armor customization universal between all cores - Which they are starting to accommodate slowly.
• Service Record
• All of Halo major parts that make it a game (Forge, working theater and custom games, coop, and more iconic weapons and game modes that had huge following. - which they are adding or making changes to accommodate.
• More ways to get free customization, weekly challenges providing more then just visors. Achievements challenge to give a hard but rewarding feeling when unlocking sick rare armor(similar to original recon and Hayabusa armor back in the day). They can keep doing these nice events. Plus they’ve already made changes to Battlepass. Adding more armor lockers when coop comes out. Changing the store to have a better rotation, take inspiration from classic fortnite rotation.
• Fun - 343 brought back the sandbox but still focuses on competitive to much. The game can be skilled in certain ways but the skill should fill rewarding almost, and fixing modes, playlist to accommodate more people partying up with friends.
-Grapple shouldn’t auto-hijack (example of rewarding skill by click X or whatever key required at right time.
-No duo gamemodes, can’t party up for fun gamemodes on rumble pit. (No infection and No griftball).

  • BTB maps to small for most vehicle warfare.
    -No more random selection (BTB having random vehicle getting dropped off) A cool concept but at least allow all the vehicle at the start of each map. Chaos is fun when allowed. 4v4 BR spawns near one team but commando for the other. The Commando sucks compared to BR and Sidekick in my opinion. I would also would rather use assault rifle over it. Another cool concept but terrible execution.
    -I love having balance weapons and game play. 343 seems to try to push this with their small weapon selection but doesn’t make sense with the “random selection” in BTB and 4v4 games.
  • Newest 4v4 maps shows what maps should be allowing to see people from different angles but providing optimal cover and allow positioning protection from flanks and more. Unlike some of the maps we got from launch, also it feels, looks, and plays like halo.
    • Halo follows a traditional bang theory which is chaos, a controlled fun chaos like I mentioned before… 343 doesn’t really allow it with such a small weapon selection, and random selection feature. You get a taste of it in some game modes but mostly all in Rumble pit and you can’t enjoy it with friends just yourself. Which again separates the game from cooperative fun.
    • Need it’s own rank system - a battlepass works well for some games to be the standard ranking system but with 343 allowing us to have and do the battlepass whenever we want takes away that rewarding rank.
    So we need a classic Halo Reach ranking system back and allow us to get customization and features for free while progress through it.

I think it’s time MCC gets cut off from support and the team 100% focuses on infinite.

I would focus on making all these changes and fixes as soon as possible. I don’t see why January-March 2023, we can’t have all this fixed and changed, added, and have new content.
Also in 2023 we should have a relaunch of the game, by show casing all these great changes and large focus to the community. While release a nice new large scale gamemode which I think should be a Battle Royal. Halo could honestly in my opinion make the best out there. After playing the campaign and seeing all these different game modes I don’t see why it doesn’t have a chance. Also would drive people to play it, Halo should have eventually have a handful of different maps for Battle Royale.

I don’t think a lot of this is far fetch and I believe it would revive the game and bring more or new players one by one.


New games always bring a great amount of people to it short term. Will it have longevity? Possibly, but that doesn’t have to dictate how Halo is ran or operated.

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You realize that the pace they’re going it’ll be literal years before they reach all of those goals that’ll make it a bare minimum Halo game in function. Theres nothing live service about reaching the bottom of the barrel standard.

Halo Infinite is Live Service in name and shop only. It offers nothing comparable to a Live Service experience aside from excessive microtransactions.


Lol those achivements would be possible if legit 2 of them werent locked behind events that have yet to release the achievement medic is one of them. Its kinda sad i played halo for maybe 1 month and got every achievement possible except those two when i realized i had completely stopped and uninstalled halo infinite. Kept the mcc as that team has been pumping out content for years and now the game has enough its taking me more than a month to play all this gold

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You can get medic in attrition now.

Even in a custom bot game.

I can’t believe there’s games like powerwashing and mowing lawns and people actually PLAY them. You know you could do all that in real life and actually get paid for it? lol I mean what’s more of a realistic simulation than actual real life?

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There’s a work simulator game on Oculus that I just find ridiculous.

Like office work. I’m sure there are puzzles or something.