Why do power weapons come into play for players so soon in warzone like the Lazer, or why is their power level so high that they kill in one shot. Other weapons have levels, why not power weapons???

I’m confused by this a lot. Are you asking why do some power weapons have a low tier? Or are you asking why are some power weapons so strong?

I’m so confused, I don’t know if that was English or not.


If what you mean is how people are getting power weapons so quickly, its because they are getting a lot of points through different things. Boss kills, ai kills, capturing bases and ai kills all boost your req level, so people killing lots of the ai and capturing bases usually have a higher req level earlier on and so can spawn power weapons. But killing enemy spartans also give you a significant amount of req xp, so if you can get multiple enemy kills early on, you can spawn better weapons faster.