Power Weapons are Too Weak and Other Complaining

Like it says in the title. I get it, they’re “balanced” or whatever but a shotgun to the face from >10 feet away should drop a Spartan. Heatwave is gimmicky and unusable with the aim being what it is right now.

Same comment for all precision weapons, it’s not useful if the large majority can’t use them as intended. They’re not “power weapons” if they don’t drop Spartans.

Rockets seem to work as intended once you get the new leading angles figured out. Hydra wasn’t broken but it got “fixed”.

All the energy weapons seem … like window dressing. Don’t even bother anymore.

Vehicles have no weight to them and things get squirrely quickly. Haven’t touched a tank or anything that flies yet so will see how that goes.

No collision or teammate damage changes the fundamentals of this 20 year gameplay legacy. End of story.

There’s enough said about progression. But in brief, hot mess.

I’ll defend the lack of player collision. Let’s face it, there are too many griefers and toddlers in this game now to have player collision. Maybe throw it in ranked or customs, but quick play and BTB don’t need it.

The wasp feels terrific, IMO.

Everything else is truth though. Power weapons feel weird. Driving the warthogs and mongooses feels uncontrolled and squirrelly.

Flew the :honeybee: wasp :honeybee:. Good fun.

Put all your look deadzones down to 0 amd your accel to 5 that will fix the aim. I’m having a huge problem with the sidekick it does not register that last headshot well it’s like a pea shooter at sometimes

Accel to 4 might be better the strafe speed in this game is nuts accel should be 4 or 5

Depends on how “Power Weapon” is defined, but I see this complaint.
Many of the weapons in the sandbox will begin to be skipped over if players continue to not feel like they have an advantage when using the weapon. Even effective weapons like Heatwave or Mangler, you need to be nearly perfect in using to make them useful.

Reminds me of the other Halos, lol. It wouldn’t be Halo without having maps littered with useless weapons.