Power Weapon Respawns are Terrible!

You know how before a Power Weapons respawns, there will be a small icon by the spawn to show what weapon will spawn at what time? All this does is cause players to camp by the weapon spawns. This completely slows down the game and disrupts the flow of battle. In a map like Empire where you have two of the same power weapons at opposite sides of the map, both teams will just stay away from each other and camp at the weapon spawns. Does anyone agree with me?

Yeah, empire is a great example of that. It completely slows down gameplay. Just make a 10 second marker, that would work better.

There are 2 obvious answers that I hope 343 sees from the beta. I will make this specific to Empire, but you can take the idea on to other maps.

A) 1 power weapon spawns in the center, instead of a sniper on each side of the map. This will obviously make players fight over the middle, encouraging combat.

B) Have a different power weapon spawn in each spot. For example, the sniper spawns outside, and the shotgun or sword spawns inside. The variety might encourage players to try and secure both weapons, rather than just one, encouraging combat.

I disagree. That’s always been a part of the Halo series. Control of power weapons is key to Halo, and people have camped the power weapons for ages. I think the indicator actually prevents too much camping because people don’t go to those locations generally unless the indicator tells them that the power weapons are coming back. I actually think it’s kind of great that there is a 10 second battle over the spawn of the power weapons because people know that they are coming soon.