Power Weapon Palooza

This is in regard to the infinity slayer playlist. It just seems to me from videos I’ve watched of this gametype players come across power weapons too frequently, whether from personal ordinance or map spawned. The problem is that these weapons are usually one shot capable so “first look, first kill” could become a problem (then again some of these have range niches so that could limit it).

I realise someones probably already made a topic about this but by now its probably so buried I would never find it. All I’m asking is for someone to say I’m a idiot, to prove I’m wrong and rest my qualms. Please can someone do this for me.

P.s Sorry if this post is written horribly, if staying awake at four o’clock in the morning does nothing, it impairs ones writing ability.

I agree, I’m not bothered about frequent ordance drops, I just hope the weapon drops would have less ammo.

Sir I do believe you came up with a compromise. This could work, wish it had been implemented. The only problem I could see is aesthetic. Imagine a beam rifle spawning with 50 percent ammo, eeeewwww.