power weapon indicators , yes or no

I was watching halo 5 game play from roosterteeth and I noticed that green indicators pop above weapons 30 seconds before they spawn. Do we really need indicators? New players learn the spawns because they wan’t those power weapons, you don’t need those indicators there.

However this could be a good thing, players unfamiliar with spawns will try to go after them as well ,causing even more competition to get those weapons when they spawn.

What are your thoughts on the indicators, should they be there?

Can’t really say for certain. I mean, I didn’t really care too much about weapon indicators in Halo 4. I guess it isn’t too much of a problem.

It’s not really a big deal I feel, most good players have a good feeling about when a power weapon will respawn soon.

At least this makes it concise to everybody and becomes a decision of who and how many teammates should go towards in order to win the power weapon from the enemy.

Im fine either way, its one of those e-sports pushes with a count down timer for the next spawn of the power weapon.

I say YES because it allows everyone to know exactly when the power weapons are up. In the past we had to either count down the spawn time in our heads (and there were even specially assigned MLG team members whose sole purpose was to count down weapon spawns) or roughly guess when they were up. This levels the playing field. It lets people not have to intrinsically know everything.

Indicators are fine. That said, they should only indicate when a weapon spawns and not show when a weapon is taken by the other team.

It’ll encourage everyone to move around the map and fight for those weapons. Not just the players that remember the spawns. That can only be a good thing.

If you ask me, power weapons have no place on Halo 4v4 matches…

I think they ought to go. If you can’t memorize weapon spawns on a map then that’s your loss.

I don’t mind it at all I think it helps.

Yes. It’s like a heads up for the match’s most intense fight.

The way I see it, things like the weapon indicators and Spartan Chatter are meant to combat the fact that game chat is hardly used anymore.

Its the games way of plugging the communication gap with your team mates.

Not sure it matters since so few people seem to pay attention to the indicators anyway; regrettably, my experience with H4’s weapon indicators was that I go after the weapon, my team goes off in another direction, and I arrive to find multiple members of the enemy team going for the same prize I sought.

I like them. As someone who doesn’t have the time to memorize weapon respawn times, yet still enjoy/do well in the game, I appreciate the indicators.

I like them. Memorizing spawn times isn’t skillful, and this allows even noobs to play competitively if they have the talent for it. Which is how a competitive game should be.

I can’t say I like it because I do like the old way in Halo with the weapons just being on the maps and you learn where they are. However, I think I understand where the developers are going with this approach. I think by doing it this way they’re trying to recreate the opening moments of the scramble to the rocket launcher in the pit on halo 3. By making an announcement and indicating where the weapon is, you can possibly have that fight multiple times in a game.

I personally would not like them, however so long as the option is there to turn them off for more competitive playlists I’ll be fine.

I say keep them. Its more competitive, and keeps the paying field more even. If only player who know the spawns get to have them then that just makes things to one sided. I prefer games with many even people than one where a few hand of people who dominate everyone and nobody can have fun. I prefer a games that ends 47-50 to one that’s just 13-50 it gets the excitement going.

If 343 want new players to play Halo long term they are necessary. It really doesn’t take anything away from the game unlike previous attempt like ordinance and loadouts.