Power Weapon and Power Up spawns

I feel like this subject deserves its own thread. I think that bringing back these spawns on a timer will do wonders for forcing players to move throughout the map and eliminate effective camping all together. For those that never played Halo CE, power weapons and power ups spawned on timers meaning that a they would spawn lets say every 2 minutes no matter what. So if a player was the first to get the sniper 1 minute and 45 seconds into the match then a fresh sniper will spawn in 15 seconds. This makes it where one team can’t get a power weapon and just camp on one spot of the map and force players to run into power weapons. It encourages team work and keeps game play moving at all times. For the sake of Halo 5 if they make things like jetback a map pickup they would spawn the same way as power weapons.

Absolutely, Power weapons and power ups on the map. It encourage map control and mitigates camping.

I say no to jetpack on the map since it is infinite use for the current life. The only AA that should be on the map is Camo(which should have been a power up in the first place)that lasts 30 seconds that does not fade when you move.